Video cam suiti 2.0 для windoys 10

Panasonic email support, Panasonic tech support, their web site and the SDR-H60 manual, and a salesman at a decent store all tell you something different. Different enough to scare you (me) away from buying any camera using that software.
Examples of the differences:
1. The latest update is Mayor it's Maydepending where you look on P's website
2. The software is only used for transferring HDD files to the PC, but the SD files can be transferred by using Windows Explorer (tech support) vs both kinds of files can only be transferred using VC (Email support)

Panasonic knows of no issues with VC requiring video cam suiti 2.0 для windoys 10 of Windows (email support) vs.

video cam suiti 2.0 для windoys 10

reports on this forum that tech support advises this
4. SDR-H60 manual specifies non-current XP SP versions, tech support confirms that more current SPs will not work. Salesman points to web site where just XP and Vista are listed, no SPs mentioned at all, as evidence that all SPs work, even presumably XP Media Center.
5. Tech support says VC is only for file retrieval, not editing. Video cam suiti 2.0 для windoys 10 haven't asked anyone else about that.

It doesn't give a very good impression of Panasonic, though I have no basic for comparison on camcorders.

I'm waiting for a couple more email support replies.


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