Скачать баннІхоп чІты для кс 1.6

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1. Maintenance instruction

1.1. Introduction


The nine-year Trooper jeep still will serve

The family of these SUVs conducts the family tree since 1983.

And offsprings of "the Japanese cavalrymen" ("trooper" means "cavalryman") safely and regularly are born still.

On the test the transitional model produced in November, 1990 and which just arrived from Germany was offered us.

Despite the angularity, purely externally Isuzu Trooper looks pretty well. However hardly we got into salon as noted Spartan style of the car: minimum of conveniences and maximum of reliability. No, for example, adjustment of an inclination of a seatback (only its longitudinal movement is provided), the back leans back for access to a back row only forward.

Скачать баннІхоп чІты для кс 1.6 the same time the trouble of all three-door cars – inconvenience of landing – is aggravated with lack of a footboard and decent clearance of the car.

However, it will hardly confuse a true dzhipper. He, undoubtedly, will estimate quite good side support of a seat, good visibility, including thanks to big rear-view mirrors, maneuverability and ease of management (the wheel is equipped by the hydraulic booster).

And, perhaps, will not attach significance to an outdated arrangement of the lever of the drive of the emergency brake (as on old GAZ-24), to unusually long lever of the check point and the lever of connection of the forward bridge which is obviously offended in sizes. And in the whole Trooper very much reminds other jeeps which were issued about ten years ago, for example, Mitsubishi Pajero.

At inclusion of transfer we are surprised to the big course of the скачать баннІхоп чІты для кс 1.6 that, quite perhaps, it is caused by wear of the mechanism of switching: on the odometer – 146 000 km.

Sharp dispersal, the скачать баннІхоп чІты для кс 1.6, third. The car accelerates quickly enough.

скачать баннІхоп чІты для кс 1.6

Under a cowl – the 115 h.p. engine with a capacity of 2,6 liters with multipoint injection.

скачать баннІхоп чІты для кс 1.6

It seems that not for nothing the speedometer is marked to 180 km/h though on passport data the maximum speed and makes 153 km/h.

Despite a considerable run, we did not note any extraneous irritating noises.

According to the CEO of DEKS Andrey Lemigov who carried out detailed expertize of the jeep, running in very good shape. The engine resource – about 300 000 km, wear of saylent-blocks, for example, makes 30%, plugs of stabilizers of cross stability – 50%.

The GRM belt which is enough for 100 thousand km of a run was replaced. So, according to the expert, on this jeep without serious repair it is quite possible to do a bit of traveling two more – three years.

At скачать баннІхоп чІты для кс 1.6 same time, A.

Lemigov warns, purchase of the second-hand jeep is always risk as in it much more special details and devices.

So it is the best of all to carry out its expertize before acquisition of the SUV.

The car perfectly and how stops accelerates? Back brakes are equipped with ABS, and at sharp braking the system works perfectly, the car keeps from a drift.

By the way, brake mechanisms of both axes disk.

Having скачать баннІхоп чІты для кс 1.6 to try off-road properties, we leave on a grassy slope.

We switch the lever, on the panel the badge of turning on of the four-wheel drive lights up, but. nothing occurs. Back wheels, the car from the place slip. Only now remembered need to turn on couplings on naves of forward скачать баннІхоп чІты для кс 1.6. It was necessary to go out of the car and to turn an internal holder from position of FREE in position of LOCK.

It is simple to do this operation, but on some dirty country road during bad weather all the same – occupation not palatable. But now there is a скачать баннІхоп чІты для кс 1.6 of half shafts скачать баннІхоп чІты для кс 1.6 the forward bridge with naves of wheels, and the torque is transmitted to them from a box through differential. It appeared enough easily to overcome slippery rise. But if absolutely hardly, it is possible to include the lowered row in the check point.

After overcoming the difficult site of the coupling on naves of forward wheels it is necessary yet not to forget to switch off.

Otherwise скачать баннІхоп чІты для кс 1.6 will remain connected by differential of the forward bridge that is not harmless to the car. In a word, there is an inconvenience. Though in this case turning on of couplings is made by a hand, and by other similar cars the balloon key for this purpose is required (for example, on some Nissan models).

In our opinion, the car has as in the people speak, an "oak" suspension bracket.

Also copes with freight in 750 kg. A suspension bracket in front – independent the torsion (with adjustable rigidity of torsions).

Behind – dependent spring with not cutting bridge. At the same time "cavalryman" quite successfully "swallows" hollows, providing comfort, let and not such, as in modern SUVs.

Six-eight-year Isuzus Trooper are offered in Moscow at the price from $10 000 to $15 000. As shows experience, after few years of operation these cars practically do not lose in price. They can be interesting to fans of active recreation, summer residents, farmers, perhaps, as the second car in a family.

As for availability of spare parts, in them in Moscow some firms trade so far. With service there are no problems: it is possible to go to any opelevsky technical center as the Opel jeeps are, in essence, copies of Isuzu safely. Repair is ready to be made, and is cheaper, and in DEKS.


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