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How do you develop an effective behavior management plan?

Page 9: Action Plan

Once a teacher has developed all of the key components of a iris action скачать behavior iris action скачать system, she must teach that system to her students.

This can be effectively accomplished by implementing an action plan—a coordinated effort and well-thought-out timeline for putting the behavior management plan into place. To do this, the teacher needs to:

Develop iris action скачать toolkit: Iris action скачать are the materials that a teacher will need in order to implement a behavior management plan.

A toolkit might include posters illustrating each procedure that the students will learn, behavior crisis forms, and postcards to send home with students who have successfully followed the behavior iris action скачать plan.

Teach the plan to students: An action plan can include the lessons for teaching the behavior plan iris action скачать students, a timeline of when these lessons will occur, and the order in which they will be taught.

Teachers will need to take the time to teach the specific rules and procedures that they expect their students to follow.

Share the plan with others: The behavior management plan will be more successful if parents are aware and supportive of classroom expectations. Including information in the action plan about how to include parents in this process is important.

Teachers should also remember to inform other key personnel in the school about their behavior iris action скачать plans.

Review the plan with students: A good action plan will include planned lessons throughout the year so that the components of the comprehensive behavior management plan can be reviewed with the students.

These review, or booster, sessions should occur at relevant intervals throughout the school year (e.g., after winter break, the first Monday of every month) to remind everyone of expected behavior and to troubleshoot problems. The goal is to keep the plan running smoothly.

Click here to view a sample action plan.

Did You Know?

A behavior management plan will be more successful if students are rewarded for following it (remember all those positive consequences!).

Building recognition activities into an action plan is just one more reminder for teachers to reinforce positive behavior.

Michael Rosenberg discusses some considerations for teachers who want to ensure that their behavior management plan is sustained and reinforced over time.

Next, Lori Jackman talks about the importance iris action скачать including informative items in the action plan for substitute teachers.

Michael Rosenberg, PhD
Dean, School of Education
State University of New York at New Paltz
New Paltz, NY

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Lori Jackman, EdD
Assistant Professor of Special Education
Towson University

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