Amd athlon2 445 4ядро разблокировать

Prepare yourself for a new personal computing experience with the Athlon II X3 445. Save time and accomplish more with multi-core processing that makes multitasking quick and simple. The Athlon II X3 features the next-generation AMD Direct Connect Architecture for a fast, responsive PC.

This processor is also optimized to take advantage of the power management features in Windows 7 using AMD PowerNow!

3.0 Technology.

Energy efficiency is important to AMD, allowing you to enjoy a cool, quiet PC while saving energy and reducing heat, noise and the effect of your computer on the environment. Amd athlon2 445 4ядро разблокировать efficiency innovations include Cool’n’Quiet, AMD CoolCore amd athlon2 445 4ядро разблокировать AMD Smart fetch. These technologies reduce power consumption by balancing the processor activity.

You’ll experience up to 50% energy efficiency over previous AMD Athlon II processors.

AMD Athlon II processors also offer support for Virtualization Technology. You can run virtual environments on one system with ease, allowing you to use legacy programs on a separate operating system. Also providing 64-bit support, this processor can handle the most demanding programs with ease. Add the convenience and power of multi-core processing and enjoy the benefits of energy efficiency with amd athlon2 445 4ядро разблокировать AMD Athlon II X3 445 today!

  • AMD64 with Direct Connect Architecture AMD64 technology allows the Athlon II X3 445 processor to run 32-bit applications at full speed while enabling a new generation of powerful 64-bit software applications.

    amd athlon2 445 4ядро разблокировать

    Moreover, all AMD Athlon II processors are built on AMD’s revolutionary Direct Connect Architecture, where processors are directly connected to one another. An I/O and memory subsystem are also directly connected to each processor, helping improve overall system performance and efficiency.

  • Integrated Memory Controller The AMD Athlon II X3 445 processor features a high-bandwidth, low-latency integrated memory controller that directly connects the processor to memory for optimum performance, low latency, and high throughput.

  • HyperTransport 3.0 Technology HyperTransport Technology (HT or HTT) is a high-speed, low amd athlon2 445 4ядро разблокировать, point-to-point link designed to increase communication speeds between integrated circuits in computers, servers, embedded systems, amd athlon2 445 4ядро разблокировать networking and telecommunications equipment.

    With HT 3.0 technology the AMD Athlon II X3 445 triple-core processor enjoys 4000MHz amd athlon2 445 4ядро разблокировать bus speeds.

  • PowerNow! 3.0 Technology CPU power management technologies featured in AMD PowerNow! 3.0 Technology like AMD's Cool'n'Quiet 3.0 and AMD CoolCore result in proven, measurable benefits for businesses and consumers, including reduced power usage, lower energy costs, and greener PC operation.

  • Enhanced Virus Protection All AMD processors equipped with AMD64 technology are Enhanced Virus Protection-enabled. Enhanced virus protection acts as a preventative measure causing viruses to be localized, short-lived, and non-contagious, eventually being flushed from system memory.


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